CryptoHeaven Copy. adds rapid secure folder sharing to the secure email suite.

Persbericht: CryptoHeaven

Uitgever: CryptoHeaven Corp.

CryptoHeaven Copy. adds rapid secure folder sharing to the secure email suite. Secure communications and document management systems provider CryptoHeaven Corp. has added secure folder sharing to anyone with an email address in one easy step. Secure folder sharing is now as simple as entering the recipient"s email address. Recipient can retrieve the secure folder documents by clicking on the pickup link provided in an email. No separate registration or lengthy sign up is required. Designed to provide secure, auditable and confidential e-mail communication, the CryptoHeaven e-mail solution uses encryption to guarantee both security and proof of delivery. CryptoHeaven solution is now expanded with a robust folder sharing solution. This enables anyone to, for example, send medical test results to patients and arrange appointments securely using e-mail, and exchange documents with total privacy. Companies use CryptoHeaven to deliver patient records, lab records and medical transcription data to doctors, hospitals and clinics. With CryptoHeaven you can: - achieve HIPAA compliance with minimal cost, - transfer patient health informatin (PHI), - send medical records, sensitive business documents, - collaborate with medical transcription companies, - transfer voice dictations and manage transcriptions, - unlimited size voice files and transcribed documents, - only authorized parties have access to the data, - access records are kept for each email and each file accessed. [url] [/url]