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Uitgever: Fast Reports, Inc.

January 21, 2015 New version FastReport VCL 5.2 New version of FastReport VCL 5.2 includes a number of changes. Lazarus: Added support of free cross-platform development environment Lazarus. It"s the first beta-version that includes designer and preview. New opportunities will be added later, as for now we offer to try it and give us your feedback. SVG: Popular vector image format widely used over the Internet is now available in FastReport exports. SVG"s main advantage involves maintaining picture quality through enlargement of any of its part. It is useful when creating maps, big charts or diagrams. RAD Studio XE7: Added support of the new version of RAD Studio XE7. Designer: Improvement of the reports inheritance and quality synchronizing of the templates. Added some new options of working with data tree such as multi-selection, dragging and editing. Export: Transparency and color mask in PDF. Company Website: Product Page: Screenshots: Download: Buy Link: