Free Online PDF to DWG Converter Service

Persbericht: Free Online PDF to DWG Converter

Uitgever: CADSoftTools

CADSoftTools has announced the availability for use of a free online service - PDF to DWG converter. It is a free online service offering a quick and accurate conversion from PDF to DWG format. Now you don’t have to waste your time on downloading and installing special programs to convert a PDF file into DWG. Online PDF to DWG converter works in any browser and on the such platforms as: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone. All you have to do is choose the PDF file you want to convert and enter your email, where the converted DWG file will be sent. Thus, you can always reach the needed DWG- file in your mail inbox.The ultimate free converter makes your work with CAD-drawings easier than ever! Features • The file size shouldn’t exceed 3 MB. • The first 2 pages of the PDF file will be converted. • Conversion service allows to convert up to 2 files per day. • Free PDF to DWG service doesn’t support vectorization (converting a raster image to vector graphics). About CADSoftTools company Established in 2000, Soft Gold Ltd, «CADSoftTools» trademark develops a line of software products for industrial and construction drawings. CADSoftTools aims to do its customers" work with design and project documentation as convenient and effective as possible. CADSoftTools always seeks to keep up with the times and to follow the modern trends in the field of programming. Company Web-site: E-mail: