Persbericht: Hetman Uneraser

Uitgever: Hetman Software

December 3, 2008: Hetman Software announces the release of Hetman Uneraser, a fully featured data recovery tool to undelete and recover lost and deleted files. The new unerase tool combines sophisticated FAT and NTFS data recovery algorithms with a familiar Explorer-like user interface to provide new and advanced computer users with an ability to recover data at home.

About Hetman Uneraser

Hetman Uneraser makes data recovery available to everyone by introducing a familiar Explorer-like user interface into a fully-featured data recovery tool. The user interface matches Windows Explorer closely, and eliminates user errors, making it practically impossible to cause any more damage to the corrupted drive.

Recover deleted photos from all type media

Hetman Uneraser offers its customers a better-than-average recovery rate if recovering data from severely damaged disks, corrupted media, formatted partitions and inaccessible disks. The innovative signature-search recovery algorithm deep-scans the entire content of the storage media being recovered. Analyzing data obtained from the disk or flash drive block after block allows Hetman Uneraser to discover the beginning and end of files in several hundred formats by analyzing files" headers and looking them up in the built-in database. While Hetman Uneraser can recover any types of deleted files, the advanced deep-scan algorithm works with files such as office documents, text files, backups, digital photos including RAW files, audio and movies, more than a hundred of file formats in total.

Hetman Uneraser does not limit its users to recovering files from only one kind of storage media or a single file system. Instead, the undelete tool supports all revisions of FAT and NTFS, including VFAT, FAT12/16/32, NTFS/NTFS4/NTFS5, and works in all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to the newest Vista and Windows Server 2003.

The data recovery tool supports all kinds of storage media such as hard disks, memory cards including Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SD and xD, USB flash sticks and external disks. Priced at under $40, Hetman Uneraser represents great value for money.

About Hetman Software

Founded in 2006, Hetman Software focuses on developing and selling various data recovery tools. The company’s mission is helping the clients by finding complex problems and implementing simple and efficient solutions. Hetman Software offers numerous products in the data recovery area. The company"s solutions are competitive feature-wise, and provide great value for money. Hetman Software ensures its customers that its solutions will find and recover more files than its immediate competitors. By using cutting-edge technologies combined with the company"s expertise in software usability, Hetman Software aims to deliver the most efficient disk and data recovery solutions.