Renaming files on Windows and Mac is easy and free with Quick File Renamer Lite

Persbericht: Quick File Renamer Lite

Quick File Renamer Lite is a new freeware app for Windows and Mac that makes it easy to rename large numbers of files. Mac APp Store users have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars. The free lite version allows easy renaming of files: drag and drop files to the app, enter a new name, and the app will rename everything with appended numbers to ensure they sort properly in Windows Explorer or Finder. It"s safe: you see and approve all new names before applying changes, and no files are ever overwritten. The lite version performs only the most common renaming task: changing the name and adding numbers. For more advanced features like prefixes, suffixes, ID3 music tags, EXIF photo tags, and more, try the full version of Quick File Renamer. You can download the free lite version, or check out the full version, at It"s free and highly rated, so give it a try!